We provide financial support and the best of Google’s resources to startup communities that equip and nurture entrepreneurs.

Community Programs

Community programs are essential to building strong startup ecosystems. We partner with organizations that build community and teach entrepreneurs how to turn big ideas into thriving startups.

Coworking Spaces

Being online is important, but connecting in person often matters more. We partner with coworking spaces around the world and build our own locations called Campuses.

Inclusive Communities

Data shows that diverse teams make better decisions. We partner with organizations that foster and highlight the changing face of entrepreneurship.

A Global Network

When startup communities collaborate, they can do more for entrepreneurs. We connect organizations in every part of the world so they can team up and go further together.

Browse startup communities to find support near you.

  1. Startup Grind

    Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

  2. Techstars

    Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to live.

  3. Blackbox Connect

    A two-week immersion program in Silicon Valley for visiting founders who are based outside of the US.

  4. Startup Weekend

    A weekend event that allows anyone to turn their idea into reality. Startup Weekend is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

  5. The North America Tech Hub Network

    Google for Entrepreneurs partners with a network of ten tech hubs in North America to help local startup communities thrive.

  6. The Tech Hub Network Demo Day

    Top entrepreneurs from our North America tech hub network are selected to go to Silicon Valley to pitch to pitch to best-in-class VC firms.

  7. Tools for Entrepreneurs Video Series

    A video series by Google for Entrepreneurs that provides practical training to current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  8. #40Forward

    Our campaign to rethink the gender gap and include more women in 40 of our partner startup communities

  9. American Underground

    Located in Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  10. Capital Factory

    Located in Austin, Texas. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs networks.

  11. Factory Berlin

    A campus for growing startups and mature tech companies located in Berlin, Germany.

  12. Coalition for Queens

    Coalition for Queens fosters the Queens tech ecosystem to increase economic opportunity and transform the world’s most diverse community in a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  13. Galvanize

    Located in Denver, Colorado. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  14. Grand Circus

    Located in Detroit, Michigan. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  15. Nashville Entrepreneur Center

    Located in Nashville, Tennessee. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  16. 1871

    Located in Chicago, Illinois. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  17. AstroLabs

    AstroLabs Dubai is a tech startup coworking space and a member of the GFE Tech Hub Network.

  18. COCO Minneapolis

    Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  19. Code for America

    A yearlong program that embeds tech and design fellows in local governments, helping them explore new solutions to community challenges.

  20. Communitech

    Located in Ontario, Canada. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  21. Fishburners

    A tech hub for growing startups located in Sydney, Australia.

  22. The Nest I/O

    A tech hub for emerging startups in Karachi, Pakistan.

  23. 10,000 Startups

    A program to incubate 10,000 high quality tech startups in India over 10 years

  24. Astia

    A curated, global community of experts committed to the success of world class women-led, high-growth startups.

  25. NUMA

    A tech hub for growing startups located in Paris, France.

  26. Tech Hubs in Africa

    Google for Entrepreneurs partners with several tech hubs across Africa to help local startup communities thrive.

  27. Notman House

    Located in Montreal, Quebec. One of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network.

  28. NextWave

    Google for Entrepreneurs’ NextWave provides awareness, tools and entrepreneurship resources to underrepresented communities across the United States. Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and doers.

  29. Aging2.0

    Aging2.0 is a global organization on a mission to accelerate innovation that will improve the lives of older adults around the world.

  30. 500 Kimchi

    500 Kimchi is the $15M micro-VC fund of 500 Startups that focuses on investing into promising South Korean companies.

  31. MARU180

    MARU180 is a startup incubator and coworking space based in Seoul, South Korea.

  32. Dogpatch Labs

    Dogpatch Labs Dublin is a home for Ireland’s startup community

  33. Epicenter

    Located in the heart of Stockholm, Epicenter is 5000 sq.m designed for innovation with impact!

  34. TechSquare Labs

    TechSquare Labs is an incubator, seed fund and 25k sq ft of coworking and corporate innovation space.

  35. Gaza Sky Geeks

    Gaza Sky Geeks is the first startup accelerator in Gaza.

  36. Matter

    Matter is a start-up accelerator and early stage venture capital firm that supports and invests in media entrepreneurs.

  37. CODE2040

    CODE2040 creates access, awareness, and opportunities for top Black and Latino/a engineering talent to ensure their leadership in the innovation economy.

  38. People Squared (P2)

    People Squared provides ideal co-working spaces and focuses on building startup communities by using the best of Google’s resources for global entrepreneurs in china.

  39. Impact Hub Zürich

    Impact Hub Zürich is empowering entrepreneurs in Switzerland and creating a more inclusive working environment.

  40. TQ

    TQ is a curated tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam, founded by The Next Web. We help push tech startups towards exponential growth by providing our residents & members with the right community, events and facilities.

  41. Centraal

    Located in Mexico City, Centraal is a meeting point for the national startup ecosystem.

  42. TechHub

    TechHub is the global community for tech product entrepreneurs and startups. We work with 750+ startups around the world (early stage to high growth) to help them scale.

  43. Found.

    Found. is a network of innovation studios where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

  44. KIBAR

    KIBAR is a tech startup ecosystem builder in Indonesia that partners with industry stakeholders, runs programs to nurture startups, and establishes hubs for creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to collaborate.

  45. AreaTres

    AreaTres is a home for Buenos Aires entrepreneurs, tech startups and forward-thinking innovative organizations.

  46. Talent Garden

    Talent Garden provides a physical platform for digital and tech professionals to work, learn and connect.

  47. H2

    H2 is the premier leadership network for the technology industry, connecting a trusted global community of leaders to support startup ecosystems around the world.


Galvanize is one of nine North American tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs network. Located in Denver, Colorado, Galvanize is a thriving community of coworking, events, training, and accelerator classes for rising startups. Google for Entrepreneurs enables tech hubs by providing them with technical content, business tools, and infrastructure upgrades so that they can support increasing demand from developers and startups and help grow their local economies.

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