As entrepreneurs, you build the future, grow your economies, and launch the next generation of innovative companies. We’re here to help you thrive.

We value starting small but dreaming big.

We ourselves began in a garage nearly two decades ago and today we celebrate our entrepreneurial roots. Google for Entrepreneurs partners with startup communities and builds Campuses where entrepreneurs can learn, connect, and create companies that will change the world.

Since 2011, we’ve launched Campuses and formed partnerships that support entrepreneurs across 125 countries.

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Meet the team.

  • Bradley Horowitz

    VP, Google for Entrepreneurs

  • Bridgette Beam

    Head of Global Programs & Operations

  • Kaili Emmrich

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Nicole Froker

    Partnerships Engagement Manager

  • Daniel Navarro

    Marketing Manager

  • Francesca Dean

    Program Manager, Campus London

  • Michal Waltner

    Program Manager, Campus Tel Aviv

  • Connor Swenson

    Partnerships Manager, EMEA

  • Genna Mckeel

    Head of Partnerships

  • Sofia Benjumea

    Head of Campus Madrid

  • Rufo de la Rosa

    Program Manager, Campus Madrid

  • Yoonmin Cho

    Program Manager, Campus Seoul

  • Jenny Park

    Campus Marketing Manager, Seoul

  • Becca Samson

    Associate Marketing Manager

  • Sarabeth Craig

    Administrative Business Partner: Bradley Horowitz

  • Rafal Plutecki

    Head of Campus Warsaw

  • Zofia Murgrabia

    Campus Marketing Manager, Warsaw

  • Giovanna De Marchi

    Campus Marketing Manager, São Paulo

  • André Barrence

    Head of Campus São Paulo

  • Fernanda Caloi

    Program Manager, São Paulo

  • Amrit Dhir

    Global Campus Operations Manager

  • Cass Forsyth

    Global Campus Brand Manager

  • Mike Kim

    Partnerships Manager, APAC

  • Patrica Lopez

    Campus Marketing Manager, Madrid

  • Mayra Frank

    Campus Marketing Manager, Berlin

  • Rowan Barnett

    Head of Google for Entrepreneurs, Germany

  • Erin Grueber

    Community Program Manager, Berlin

  • Orit Shil

    Head of Campus, Tel Aviv